Sarah Bildstein’s work concerns metaphor, abstraction and the process of intuition. It is predicated on the observation of the alienated subject at the interface between the post industrial era, it´s culture and possible realities in the mediums of collage, installation and expanded pictorial and public spaces. Born 1987 in Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, she now lives and works in Vienna and Styria, Austria.



Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions


2015 Der Bien, Kunsthaus Graz

2015 On being manipulated: blood, sweat and tears with Sanela Nikodijevic, The Smallest Gallery - Collaboration Space, Graz

2014 Connected Component, Gallery No Mad, Styrian Initiative for Culture, Graz

2014 Borrowed an Auditor’s Instrument, Schaufenstergalerie Scharf, Graz

2013 Nous, Boutique – Space for Temporary Art, Cologne

2009 Obstacles, Abbey – The Mobile Gallery, Graz



Group Shows


2017 Art on Prescription, Labor für Kunst, Via Garibaldi, Venice

2017 Sharing Stories - Dinge sprechen, The Weltmuseum Wien, Vienna

2017 the curtist and the arrator, the springboard, Graz

2017 Freischuss Vol. 3, mo.ë contemporary, Vienna

2017 Cum shots Vol. 2 - das Gegenteil ist die (fotografische) Inszenierung, Stubenbastei 12, temporary space, Vienna

2017 Freischuss Vol. 1 - die Wichtigkeit des Moments in der Fotografie von 1971–2016, AU, Vienna

2017 Small #2, Kunstraum Super, Vienna

2016 nonplagiate, Gallery Eugen Lendl, Graz

2016 A Spectre is Haunting the Earth, Diploma, Xhibit, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2016 DinA4, A und V, Leipzig

2016 Hands on, Gallery bäckerstraße4, Vienna

2016 Wandlungen/Transformations, kunstGarten, Graz

2016 Abstract 15/16 Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2015 Entities,  Austrijski Kulturni Forum Zagreb,Valpovo, Croatia

2015 A Spectre is Haunting the Earth, Exchange, Grace and Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow

2015 System Struktur-Oberfläche, mo.ë contemporary, Vienna

2015 Schlawiener, Gallery Loft 8, Vienna

2015 AIR Albrechtsfeld - Gallery bäckerstraße4, Vienna

2015 Sold out, Antipropaganda, next-Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst, Graz

2015 Abstract 14/15, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2014 Feston: How do we deal with these unidentifiable fragments? Lege Artis Festival, Lech

2014 sampling surface, mo.ë, Vienna

2014 Die Reichen werden immer reicher, Schaufenstergalerie Scharf, Graz

2014 Hof-biennale 02, Steiermarkhof Graz

2014 Übergänge (Passage ways) - Excursion to a presented city, ESC, Graz

2014 UBIK Space, WUK, Projektroom Exnergasse, Vienna

2014 Abstract 13/14, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2013 Small Pieces III/2, Gallery Eugen Lendl, Graz

2013 Melting Pot Of Arts, Parkhouse, Graz

2012 Anna will be inflated, Kurzbauergasse, Vienna

2012 Museum Frauen Circus, Kunsthalle, Feldbach

2012 Schaumbad Altweibersommer, Graz

2012 Museum Frauen Circus_Phase 03, Pavelhaus, Laafeld

2012 The Last Title Was Fabulous, Fluc, Vienna

2012 Rollenbilder # 5, Free Gallery, Graz

2012 Micro credit, Gallery Centrum, Graz

2011 Old Friends-New Friends, Gallery Eugen Lendl, Graz

2011 Luftblicke, Jakoministraße, Graz

2011 Fluchtpunkte, ESC, Graz

2010 Lebensraum, ORF, Graz

2010 AIR Styrian Art Foundation, Rein

2009 The whole and its counterparts, Gallery Eugen Lendl, Graz

2009 Uns geht es gut, Gallery Centrum, Graz

2008 Still life, Art Award Gallery Centrum, Graz

2008 The young hearts art competition, Hotel Goldener Engel, Graz



Collections and Residences


2016 Graphic Collection, Kupferstichkabinett, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2015 City Collection, Graz

2015 Residency Albrechtsfeld - Gallery bäckerstraße4, Vienna

2015 Collection Magdas Hotel, Vienna

2010 Residency Styrian Art Foundation, Rein

2010 Collection Styrian Art Foundation, Graz

2009 Schauwerk - Black Box, Kantonsbibliothek Appenzell, Trogen

2008 Art Award, 2nd price, Gallery Centrum, Graz 



Talks and Lectures


2017 Bewährungsprobe # 16, Depot, Vienna

2017 Ideal Work, Haiku Workshop, Making of Manifesto of ideal Work, Wienwoche, Vienna

2017 Between Skylla and Charybdis. Art Positions, Künstlerhaus - Halle für Kunst & Medien, Graz

2016 Art Lecture, Sacré Coeur, Pressbaum, Vienna

2016 Typical Female? Radio Igel, Department of Art and Media, Education University College of Teacher Education Styria, Graz

2015 Chromatography Crit, Painting and Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow

2014 Noos at Passage ways, ESC and Department of Folklore & Cultural Anthropology, Karl-Franzen-University, Graz





2012-2016 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Judith Huemer and Erwin Bohatsch

2015 Glasgow School of Art, Painting and Printmaking, Glasgow

2006-2012 Art History, Karl Franzens University Graz

2007-2009 Class for Art and Painting, Graz

2001-2006 Ortweinschool, Sculpture, Graz





2014 Connected Component - Sarah Bildstein, Styrian Initiative for Culture


Catalogue Layout and Photo by Stefanie Schwarzwimmer