Sarah Bildstein
29/07/2022 - 31/07/2022
UNTITLED space, 
Kyojima, 3 Chome−13−7, Sumida City, 131-0046 Tokyo
Open: 12.00 - 7.00 pm

ONA project room is pleased to present ONA Summer Edition, the exhibition program curated by Rio Usui over two months in July and August 2022. In July, Sarah Bildstein's solo exhibition "Epoch/é" will be presented, followed in August by Alizée Gazeau’s "LE FILET".


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Sarah Bildstein / Excerpts
   〒150-0022 東京都渋谷区恵比寿南2-10-3 
協力: Land Vorarlberg, オーストリア文化フォーラム東京
作家在廊スケジュール: 5月13日(金)15:00-19:00, 5月15日(日)15:00-19:00, 5月21日(土)16:00-19:00, 5月22日(日)16:00-19:00


今回は彼女の作品の中から「100 Spectres」と「Unknown - April April」のシリーズを展示し、作品集「100 Spectres」の販売も行います。

水は私たちにとって不可欠な要素であり、地球上の資源であり、そして多くの政治的紛争の道具になりうるものです。「100 Spectres」は、水不足や水質汚染など水に関する危機の背景を取り上げ、気候変動の原因と影響を反映させた作品です。


Sarah Bildstein / Excerpts

22/04/2022- 22/05/2022

POST Ebisu, Tokyo

The works of Austrian artist Sarah Bildstein take up the medium of painting as an expansion of what determines the painterly space. The exhibition Excerpts at POST shows works of the two series 100 Specters (2018-20) and Unknown - April April (2020-21). The first presents a complex play with scientific methods and a reflection on the diversity and aesthetic meaning of water; the spectral works on paper use the visible creative power of water and its fluid materiality as a starting point. Presented here is a selection out of 100 original paintings created using the process of chromatography from water samples collected worldwide and analyzed in the laboratory. All 100 unique works on paper can be seen in her book. The second series focuses on experiment on the interaction between materials such as water, ink, rice, sand, soap, and oil paint. Traces remain discernible within the layers of the painting, which retains an inexplicability that always permeates the mysterious transformation of materials into art, and process of creation akin to a traveler crossing a landscape for the first time, that nonetheless feels uncannily familiar.