Studies on Rupture

Solo show at Turm zur Katz, Constance, 2018
Photos of the exhibition by Manuel Fleig and Alexander Rose
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Niemals aber für immer
Object, marquee, shungite, hinges, wood, 2017





A fence separates the garden from the garden next door
Desk and three objects, digital print, 60x70x300cm, 2018


Die Wolfsmilch hat einen dreifachen Kelch
Object, plate, plant stand, glass, 2018


Ok to disconnect
Acrylic, glue, cotton, 140x180cm, 2018


Take my heart and make me happy
Acrylic, glue, cotton, 140x180cm, 2018


Buoyant putty 
Watercolour and ink on paper, 30x42cm, 2015


Buoyant putty & Cup II
Watercolour and ink on paper, 30x42cm, 2015 & collage, colour pencil and adhesive foil on paper, 30x42cm, 2013



What a difference a day makes
Wall shelf, digital print on paper, wood, 18x100cm / Chromatography, inkjet print, oil colour, synthetic frame, putty, ea. 20x30cm, 2018 

What a difference a day makes (detail)
Chromatography, inkjet print, ea. 20x30cm, 2018