100 Spectres

100 part chromatography series, laid paper, ink, water, 76x56 cm, 2018-20, Ongoing project and publication in collaboration with the Zukunftskolleg and accompanying art historical seminar „100 Spectres“ – Ein künstlerisch-interdisziplinäres Ausstellungsprojekt mit Wasser" with Tanja Klemm at the University of Konstanz
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Water is an essential element for human life, a strategic resource on earth and an important instrument in many political conflicts. The 100 part chromatography series deals with the context of the water crisis and reflects the causes and effects of climate change.

The current project 100 Spectres is a collaboration with scientists from the Zukunftskolleg of the University of Konstanz. 100 water samples from all over the world will be transformed through the method of chromatography into clotted and simultaneously fluid figurations. Global ecology and science are interlocked in the conceptual exhibition project: Natural science is channeling itself into the art project in the form of chromatography, an important chemical procedure that breaks down mixtures into its components. These components become visible via coloring. The Greek terms (chroma: color, graphein: writing, drawing, recording) brings out this 'graphic process'. At the same time, the water samples come from three regions of the world – one part from water-scarce areas, another from industrial regions with a relatively high Co2 emission and the third from islands threatened by submersion due to rising global sea levels.

Which formal and chromatic affinities and differences will the chromatographies from these different yet ecologically interconnected places visualize? Or, metaphorically speaking: Which fluid spectres will become manifest?